Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Don't Know Why I'm Still Laughing About This!

Scene takes place in the corridors of the art building. Discussion about arachnophobia suddenly emerges. Enter characters.....

Classmate 1: If you think about it, arachnophobia is pretty irrational.

Me: No its not!

Classmate 2: Well,  they're bigger than you.

Teacher: Yeah, but some spiders can kill you.

Classmate 2: Yeah, that's true

Me: I once heard of this spider in Iraq that if it bites you... you're dead!

Teacher: There's no antidote?

Me: Nope

Classmate 1: I once heard about these ants in the jungle that carried off an entire baby...

Me: *pauses*...what?

                                                  (cue eruption of laughter)
                                                           Scene Close

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