Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just The Way You Are

      Have you ever met those people who are completely beautiful? Not just outwardly beautiful, but most importantly, inwardly beautiful! I know this girl who is just beautiful! She has a great personality, radiates joy to those around her, is super talented and when she talks- people listen. Yet she is always complaining about how beautiful she isn't . I'm probably such a hypocrite for writing this blog, but hey, who said I was perfect?  
     I used to think that shallowness was just an American issue. But it's not. It's an everywhere issue. It's a human issue. I could probably enlighten the world about how we should value ourselves because we are made in the image of God. And that might make you feel good for a second. But I'm wasting my time unless you really believe it's true. I won't pretend like it is not hard. I know it is. People are always trying to figure out ways to create standards that no one can actually reach. What gets upsets me the most is how everyone says beauty is on the inside, yet they seem to contradict themselves at EVERY SINGLE TIME! Its like people all of a sudden become a better people once they look attractive or something. The sad part is that people buy in to it and wouldn't depart from the lie even if you revealed the truth.
     Any who, I wish people could see how beautiful and precious they truly are. And stop waiting for others to validate their beauty. Because honestly, people LOVE to validate others appearance. To rank people in order from "best created" to "worst created"- how sick is that? And when you walk around like you don't have value, people will take advantage of that. Even sicker. 
    Basically what I'm trying to say is stop waiting for people's approval and be brave enough to love you. Not in a cliche Mary J. Blige way (although Mary is on point sometimes). Simply be okay with you. Stop striving to be what you already are. The world is always going to be the way it is; to smile in the face of it all not only makes you victorious- it makes you even more beautiful! 


  1. Girl this is BEAUTIFUL!! (ironic word i suppose) I am going to share this on my twitter!