Sunday, April 3, 2011

Romance and Similar Observations #1

    I always take a few days to think before posting blogs such as this. I have so many thoughts and opinions about this subject that it's hard to focus on just one area. That is why I am making this a "blog series" (if that's not already a word, then It will be made official by yours truly). 
I don't get asked why I'm single by many people other than my mother. I assume its because it's:
(a) Obvious
(b) My friends know me too well
(c) People just don't care

99564556, Mihaela Muntean /Flickr     I think answer (a) is most likely. 
     Trust me, I get it. You know, I don't talk like other people, I'm a little nerdy, too self aware, maybe its because people treat me like I'm 16 (which,again, I understand. The round little nose, short stature, soft voice and chubs really do a great job in convincing people that I'm still in high school) . Whatever the case, I get it. 
I won't lie, I do occasionally cringe when I see the iconic "happy couple". You know, the ones so unaware of reality that you just want cut through their thick, nauseating cloud of oblivious romance.  I'm nauseous just thinking about it. 
    As I grow older, I realize that I don't look at love the same as I did when I was younger, naturally. I've seen enough to identify mistakes made over and over again. I can tell you who's relationship might have a chance and whose probably doesn't. What annoys me most is people who think they've accomplished something just because they've been together for over a year. Even worse, the ones who have completely dysfunctional relationships and think that somehow it will continue just because it has for years. In my opinion, whether a doomed relationship has lasted 1 year or 15; if you're not together the rest of your lives then you've wasted valuable time. Harsh, perhaps a little too black and white, but it's what I think. 
      Anyways, not to go too far off course, I am going to piggyback off of a fellow blogger's post about why she's single. Please realize that I am disillusioned to the idea that being in a relationship equals happiness. Though I might sound like a feminist, I will say that, though enjoyable, being in a relationship is not my goal in life. So, without further a'do, here are the real reasons why I'm single.
Why I'm Single:

1. Simply because I haven't met the right person.
2. Guys just don't get me.
3. Guys think about themselves too much.
4. I'm not ready to share that much of my life with another person.
5. "Love is too big, too honest, too brutal, and too heavy for me to fall into it now." Translation: I'm not ready.
6. I don't want anyone to see how messy my room is.
7. I haven't found anyone who loves John Mayer as much as I do (it's a deal breaker).
8. I'm pretty shy.
9. I have high standards.
10. Finally, I don't think I could honestly handle the blow of a failed relationship. Not at this point.

    There it is! The honest to goodness truth. Despite all of my jokes and comments with my girlfriends, the real truth is that I am so terrified of being in a relationship that I don't even want one! Wow! Such a wimp! I can sit and analyze another person's relationship all day 
long, but when it comes to my own I just sit in the corner like the nerdy kid at school! 
   Well, Until I'm ready to jump in the frigid waters, I'll bring you my observations in the meantime!  Trust me, I really don't mind.  

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