Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Played Out in 2012?

Alright, it's 3:30am and I'm on a caffeine high that began 5 hours ago! So what better thing to do than update my blog? I've been SO swamped lately that I've neglected my blogging!  With that being said, I've been mulling over this blog Idea for about a week now: What is played out in 2012? It is my duty to make sure that you, my fellow readers, don't go in to 2012 with the old played out things from 2011! So Here are a few things I came up with!

1. Being the "Best". 
Recently, there has been this obsession with being the best. Being "The Best" implies anything from having the nicest tennis shoes to having the nicest car. Or, my personal favorite, being the best rapper or athlete. Look, It's a recession. The great thing about a recession is that it makes everyone a little bit poorer, consequently making people just a tinge more equal. So here's the deal, everyone already knows that you're insecure and that you are overcompensating by having to be "The Best". So save us all the work and just be yourself. Being yourself is totally in this year!

2. Dumb Reality TV shows.
This might be wishful thinking, but I would hope that the world is in enough peril that Jersey Shore loses its influence on American television. Yes, the occasional drunk hook-up is bewildering and somehow addictive to watch,but hey! There are more important things going on nationally and internationally. Being an informed, productive human being is SO in this year!

3. Players. 
Yes, there was a time when being a player was "the thing". According to MTV and probably still is. Yes, when it comes to husbands and people who have children, being a player is abhorrent. But, apparently, when it comes to singles under the age of 30, it's cool? If I hear another song about someone leaving home with someone from the club I might die!!! All I hear is when I hear such things is, " Blah, Blah, Blah, I'm raising my chance of getting an STD". Everyone knows that being "a player" is brought on by insecurity and perhaps even a lack of a good male influence during childhood. Its sad, yes, but at this point you're not fooling anyone.Respecting yourself and others is in this year! 

4.  Suburban Thugs.
If you have decent parents, grew  up in a decent neighborhood, went to a decent school and got a decent education, why are you acting like you didn't? I really can't stand to see these little thug boys running around campus actin' a fool when they KNOW their major is Biology or Political science. If you're in college, you have no right to act like you are  not receiving a college education! It just burns my biscuits! Being intelligent is definitely in this year! 

5. Twitter.
As much as I enjoy reading your every thought, I don't know if I can take it anymore! Occasional updates are great. I enjoy a little laugh here and there. But, instead of incessantly posting your thoughts online for the whole world to see, why don't you make some new friends and share your occasional musings with them? Making new friends is totally in this year!

6. Rubber Bracelets.
I LOVE that they stand for a cause...But it's time to get real accessories. Maybe you can think of some other crafty use for all those colorful bracelets? Recycling played out stuff from 2011 is SO in this year!

7. Declaring the End of the World.
Resist the urge to carry this trend on in to 2012. I know, I know, " But it's 2012"!!! I feel like people have been saying the world was going to end for the past 30 years. Enough! Just let it happen. If it's our time to go it's our time to go. Peace of mind is in this year. 

8. Being in Love with Teenage Pop Sensations.
C'mon people! Unless you're under the age of 18, this is not acceptable. Like many others, I fell into the trap of Taylor Lautner's glistening abs.....but that's all over now...I think. Being a grown-up is definitely in this year!

9. Weird Lady Gaga Fashion.
Embracing individuality is great! However, wearing ridiculous clothes, tragically miss-matched colors and acting like a zombie may not be the best way to go about it. Sure, everyone gets creative reign over their fashion and appearance, but this is just extreme. So extreme that by following along you're not even affirming your individuality, but actually being the manifestation of  the standard that the entertainment industry sets for us... and that's not cool. Not letting others define you is totally in this year!

10. Metro Sexual Guys.
I missed the part where we need MORE effeminate men? Especially not if I'm still single! I know that most would like to believe that our culture has overcome our belief in gender schemas...but we haven't. We need these men to get out of the nail salon and back in to being strong leaders....or to at least admit they're gay. Either way, metro sexual guys deny me the clarity that I so desperately need. Real men are definitely in this year!