Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Beautiful People...

Dear Beautiful People,

      You annoy me SO much! No, it's not the fact that you're beautiful, it's that you know you're beautiful. Don't get me wrong, everyone deserves to feel beautiful, but you guys just take it to another level. You may have fooled other people, but don't think I don't notice your sly self absorption. I mean, what's with the whole "just doing [ insert random thing here ]" picture thing on facebook? If I see another girl with a cute picture on facebook that says "just going to work" or "just getting ready for school" or " getting ready for bed"....I might lose it! Seriously? Who needs to take pictures of themselves doing utterly mundane things like that? I'll tell you who, self-absorbed, beautiful people! Then, there goes the rest of the jolly little  facebook friends, liking your picture and commenting on how cute you look doing something of absolute zero importance! Don't even get me started on the whole "taking a picture of yourself with your cell phone camera in the mirror" thing! The mirror is there for a REASON, and that reason is so that the phone is NOT visible in the picture! If you haven't figured it out yet, this is targeted at women. If it were for men, It would be titled "Dear Ballers". *However, Men, if you ever hope to understand women...Continue reading*
       The worst part is that I'm surrounded by you people! You know, the, "I can't help it if I'm cute" and "I know he wanted me girrrrrrl" people! The one's who think EVERYONE is checking them out ALL the time.....and everyone usually is. Somehow the question of how cute you look is floating around in your mind at all times,  as if there weren't other important things going on...ever. But, Beautiful People, I get it. I'm not just some bitter, jealous girl on a long rant about how much I am annoyed by you. I'm just an insightful outsider trying to help you take a deeper look at the way you look at yourself.
      Here's the deal, I guess I can't blame you too much for your self absorption. I mean, why wouldn't you be? The world treats you differently just because of how you look. You know it, I know it, they know it, but would never admit it (usually). You get more smiles, more free stuff, more kind remarks, more attention, you marry richer, people listen to you and all you have to do is stay pretty. Obviously there is more to life than just getting high appraisal from the general public. I know life isn't perfect and everyone has different challenges to overcome. I'm just saying that one of those challenges won't be getting along with the general public...unless you're a jerk. But, even if you were a jerk, it wouldn't matter because you're beautiful.
       What most people don't realize, rather, don't care to realize, is that even though women have more rights, more intelligence (we've always been more intelligent, but that's besides the point) and are more successful than ever, part of our value is still assessed by the way we look. That's why all of our presidents are generally attractive (Neut never stood a chance), the most popular people are always beautiful and The Real Housewives of Atlanta have a show (c'mon...I know you were wondering too).  The world says "The better the looks, the more valuable the person". Most people would say that was an unfair statement.... And it is isn't it? However,  most people's actions would confirm that statement.
      So, with this issue of "beauty as an assessment of value", many women get caught up in thinking that the aforementioned statement is true. That's why so many women want to be told they're beautiful. It's because in doing so, you are validating her as a woman. That's also why if you tell a girl she's ugly, she feels devalued as a woman. If you think about it, this whole thing is doing some serious damage! Perhaps that is why what are socially considered "Beautiful" people feel the need to affirm their value and those who are "Less-attractive" also feel the need to do the same. Wait, what? they are both trying to do the same thing? Yes, It's twisted.
      My first thought was to blame our society for these misconceptions and demand that they STOP affirming the awful lie that the value of a person is in the way that they look. But, NO. It starts with us. We need to stop believing it. Like, seriously. Once we stop believing the lie, then we will no longer be under the control of that lie. My most current little slogan right now is, "If something masters the masses, then you must master that thing". If you give lies like that power, like everyone else does, then it controls you too, even if you know it's not right.
So, dear Beautiful People, you do indeed annoy me. Why? Because when you absorb yourself in your own value as an attractive person, you remind me that the lie still exists. I hope this post helps everyone take a deeper look in to what they're feeding in to. I personally had some own revelations even as I was writing this tonight. Until next time, don't let me catch you in a " just doing [ insert random thing here]" picture.... I might just lose my mind!
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