Friday, March 25, 2011

So Darn Inconsiderate!

People are SO darn inconsiderate! I mean, really, when did people lose the general concept of  politeness?  
This morning ( I use the word loosely ),around 2am, I was warmly nestled in to my covers. You know that moment when your fight with partial insomnia is almost over and that calm, gentle wave of sleep has just began to sweep over you. That's right, I was about to get my sleep on in the best possible way! 
Just when I had almost attained this blissful sleep....Something happens. 
A car pulls up in to the space in front of my apartment and BLASTS rap music as loud as possible. Now when I say "loud", I mean it could have playing in my very room and it would have sounded the same! But don't worry...It gets worse. The occupants of this vehicle proceed to get out of the car and yell unnecessarily loud! They were obviously drunk. To add insult to my already unbearable injury, the song was just awful! It was basically the repetition of two words, "Black and Yellow"...yes.... The entire chorus is comprised of a single man saying "Black and Yellow" over and over again. I won't begin to describe to you the obscenities that filled my head. 
Finally, when that....display was over, I thought I was in the clear! I settled back in to my comfy cocoon of covers and pillows and began to go back to sleep. But, NOOOOO. I began to hear a males voice outside my door. Yes, my roommate had invited a boy over at 2am. I know what you're thinking- it's worse. He was invited over to play video games... If you've ever heard a guy playing video games, you would know that it's NOT quiet. As I lay in my bed beginning to come to terms with the fact that I would not be going to sleep tonight, I shamelessly listened in on their conversation. I came to two conclusions:
1. There are two types of guys in this world- those who watch Family Guy and those who don't.
2. This guy would be annoying under ANY circumstance.

Anyways, by some miracle I ended up going back to sleep. However, I almost over slept my class in the morning because I was so tired! My day went on as usual....which brings this venting full circle, to this point. Tonight. The night when I'm sicker than ever. The toilet was clogged and abandoned by a person who will remain nameless.... lets just say she likes boys who play video games (cough, cough). So now, I have to go on the rest of the night wondering what i'm going to do....when "something" needs to be done. So darn inconsiderate....smh

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