Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Don't Think I Was Prepared for This...

Today I was checking the status of an application I sent in. Before I could even see the results, this message appeared:

Admission to the [blank] has become increasingly competitive and selective over the last decade. If you find that you have been offered admission, please be sensitive to your friends and classmates to whom we may not have been able to extend the same offer. If, on the other hand, you learn that your application has been denied, please understand that [blank]  receives far more applications from competitive applicants than we can accommodate within our Board of Regents enrollment cap.
If you would like to discover your status here, please consider first whether you are in the best place to receive either good or bad news. If you are at a public computer in school, at a library, or your place of work, we advise that you either wait until you are at home with family members or else in an appropriately private location.
I don't know what their intentions were, but checking my status got like, 10 times scarier after I read this message! I felt like I needed an adult. Then it got me thinking, how many people have had public breakdowns just because they didn't get accepted? It must have been a lot to cause them to have to mentally and emotionally prepare students  for the result. I was SO not prepared to read this! 

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