Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Going to Hate Myself When I Read This Later...

Have you ever just had a BAD idea? I'm talking about so bad, you couldn't even say it out loud? Like, If you were to act out this idea, you might as well just forget about anything ever being normal again. Well, this week, I've had a BAD idea! The worst part is...I can't lose it! 
Okay, first, calm down. I'm not going to rob a liquor store or anything! If it were even a fraction of that bad I would NOT be posting it all over the internet.
Second, don't get excited because I will not even utter the sheer horror (<---exaggeration) of this torturous inclination! 
However, It got me thinking, 

"Why do I have such destructive tendencies? What makes me allow myself to entertain such a bad, bad idea? And how have I even convinced myself that this could actually work? Sheer insanity, that's what."

See people, I've come to realize something. The more I entertain this idea as a possibility, the more real it becomes to me. Then, do you know what I have to do every time it becomes more real....slash that reality to itsy, bitsy teeny, weeny pieces- And yes, it sucks EVERY time. Why? Because it has too much of a grip on me already and it can't go "No Nutha Futha" as my mama would say! 
Times like these, I wish I had my best friend to give me advice, but nooooo, she's off serving the Lord and helping people get saved! Of course that was sarcasm, I share her joy in being able to do that. 
See, part of being captive to a bad, bad idea is being alone in its company. It's just you and Mr. Big Bad Idea duking it out. So here's where you come're reading this so it helps in some small way I guess.I am convinced that I see resolve around the corner so I'll keep you posted on how it plays out! After it does, I am sure that I'm going to feel like the biggest idiot for writing this....

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