Thursday, March 24, 2011

21 Things to Do While I'm 21

1. Get on Facebook a lot less
2. Meet new people and make new friends
3. Write a rap song
4. Rap a rap song
5. Clean my room more
6. Be less shy
7. Be more open
8. Be less cynical 
9. Be more honest about what I think and feel
10. Say "I Love You" more
11. Get another tattoo
12. Buy another dress from Anthropologie
13. Shoot a creative photo shoot
14. Paint a life size picture
15. Register my business
16. Sew an article of clothing
17. Get a secret puppy or kitten.....maybe bird (<--mostly for decoration. Dont judge. bird cages are pretty)
18. Try to surf 
19. Learn a martial art
20. Learn to play guitar....more
21. Slowly incorporate an accent in to my daily speech. I'm thinking southern bell or British, I can pull those off easily. 

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