Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Feature: Artist of the Week

  After much consideration, I have decided to make a blog series devoted to two of my favorite things: Music and Art! So each week I will feature a new recording artist that I've fallen in love with and a visual artist who inspires me! 
      This week's recording artist may not be well known in some areas, but when I found him, he was automatically a winner. I know what I like as soon as I hear it. So without further ado, I introduce the first featured "Artist of the Week": 
                          Jesse Ruben

Genre: Acoustic/Pop/Rock
Why I like him: He has natural talent, a raw sound and his music is filled with personality and honesty. 

Alphonse Mucha - self portrait
Self Portrait by Alfons Mucha
The second artist I would like to feature in Alfons Mucha. He is definitely one of my favorite artists! He is a Czech artist who lived between 1860-1938. He is considered the father of  the style  Arte Nouveau! Arte Nouveau is my favorite style of art because it depicts the beauty of nature with lots of flowing lines and complex, detailed designs. 
Here are a few of his paintings that I love! However, don't hesitate to do a little more research on him because there are SO much more of his artwork!
Summer by Alfons Mucha

Moet et Chandon


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