Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Sista Props"

      Sometimes I sit and wonder why us women don't have a standard, secret code of communication. I mean, guys have a "Bro Code"! They have a set of generally unspoken rules that define what is or is not socially acceptable in the heterosexual male world. By no means am I suggesting we make up a "lady code" or anything, I mean, we're kind of above that. Besides, society places so many unspoken codes on us already there's just no need to make things more complicated. What I'm suggesting is that we give each other "Sista props". Yes, I do wish I could have come up with a cooler name for it, but I just can't at the moment. However, I'm open to suggestions.

     Every now and then, when I'm in public, I just want to stop and give some women some "Sista Props". Like, If I see a woman in public with her children and they're all well behaved, I just want to stop her and be like "That's right Mama!"...and give her an approving nod. "Sista Props" can even be extended to women of the same age. If I see a girl in public and she's out with a good, honest, stand-up guy, I feel like it should be socially acceptable to give her an covert " Go 'head girl", accompanied with a wink and perhaps even a fist long as it goes unseen. I also love to give "Sista Props" out when I see older or "curvy" women out running! Sometimes I feel the deep desire to yell a solid "Whooooo! Get It" out my car window when I pass them by.....but I realize that might be startling, so I don't.
    Anywho, I think that it should now be completely socially acceptable to give discrete "Sista Props" out to other women in public. I mean, Michelle Obama gets MAJOR "Sista Props" from me all the time, I don't see why other women shouldn't. A little public encouragement from woman to woman might strengthen the sisterhood, instead of perpetuating competition.....Just a thought!

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